Recovery Church


Recovery Church is a fellowship of Christ-followers whose desire it is to help each other on their journey of recovery, and to reach out to others in the community who are struggling to find Christ and recovery. We recognize everyone's journey with recovery is a little different, but we have seen that we have the distinct ability to understand others that are facing the same issues we are facing.

People can be in recovery or struggle with a variety of issues such as, but certainly not limited to- drugs, alcohol, codependency, food, sex, pornography, gambling, relationships, shopping, or a combination of the above. We offer men and women open sharing and step study small groups. The step studies are based on the twelve steps of AA with a Christ-centered message and based on biblical principles.

We are here to support you in your journey. We believe in the power of Christ's love, and that we are to be the messengers of His love and mercy on earth. ALL are welcome. We know the stigmas and the feelings associated with moral dilemmas. Our only desire is to support you in your journey of recovery and your walk with Christ.


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